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Internationalization evolved out of translation. Are there benefits ?

Internationalization and localization Internationalization, or i18N, evolved out of translation and localization. The goal is for original content to be international ready. Deployment of i18N is considered strategically at the beginning of content development, not after original content is already developed. While it has primarily been used in the writing of software code to ensure…

Interpreters and translators

Interpreters and translators facilitate the cross-cultural communication necessary in today’s society by converting one language into another. However, these language specialists do more than simply translate words—they relay concepts and ideas between languages. They must thoroughly understand the subject matter in which they work in order to accurately convey information from one language into another….

Locutor Persa

[jwplayer mediaid=”1039″] O Persa ou Farsi, também conhecido como parse, fársi ou pársi, é uma língua iraniana pertencente ao ramo indo-iraniano das línguas indo-europeias. É amplamente falado no Irã (e na diáspora iraniana), no Afeganistão, Tajiquistão, Paquistão, Uzbequistão e, em menor escala, na Armênia, Turcomenistão, Azerbaijão e no Barein. Também conhecido localmente como Dari or…

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