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Marketing strategies – best practices with multilingual content.

Marketing strategies Marketing is a must for modern businesses. Many companies and international organizations still fall short when it comes to applying the best practices with multilingual content marketing strategies when they start International online marketing. Here are some important multilingual considerations: Marketing – follow writing best practices. Write short, clear sentences. Limit dependent clauses. One thought…

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Automated Attendant – effective voicemail greetings

Automated Attendant – effective voicemail greetings Introductory Automated Attendant Automated attendant (or auto attendant) is a prerecorded voice that welcomes callers with a menu of options. An automated phone system uses automated attendant software to answer incoming calls and presents the caller with a menu of options for different departments within a business. There are…

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Localization of content can help you with your ad campaign.

Localization can help you drive your business into new markets. Localization is vital when it comes to internationalization. Despite living in a global economy, many customers only care about what’s happening in their neighborhoods and cities. Brands must connect with consumers on their playing fields. And that means understanding people’s languages, cultures, and traditions. Creating original,…

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