Transcreation involves a total overhaul and re-working of content.

Transcreation, as the name suggests, employs creativity in the translation process. The intent is kept – wherever possible – but the content is recreated, adapted, reworked to be as genuine and culturally relevant as possible in the target language. Because resonating with the target audience is crucial.

transcreationBecause global marketing has become so competitive, advertising agencies and executives find new and creative ways to better attract their international markets. 

American advertisements often use nuanced language, cultural references, anti-authority or anti-taboo commercials with shock value – as do other cultures and foreign markets.

Transcreation in Global Marketing.

The language of global advertising needs the same kind of re-engineering for each culture and target audience, just like the subject matter of advertisements need localization. This is when marketing translation needs to be taken a step further, with creative marketing translation, or transcreation.

Transcreation service is extremely important for any competitive marketing department or advertising agency, because translators go beyond simple language translation.

Professional transcreation ensures that the creativity, nuances, humor and other creative language idiosyncrasies are translated into the target language in such a way that makes sense to that particular audience or market.

Whether this requires translating slang words or revising the humor to fit the target market, transcreation service is a vital part of global marketing and business. Creative language translation can only be effective communication if it is translated with equal creativity.

Why you should build a global brand strategically.

There are many reasons to build an international brand. For one thing, breaking out into new and emerging markets will increase your bottom line.

Secondly, having an international brand will also help you improve your standing in current customers’ eyes and overseas markets.

Customers will more easily recognize your brand
People typically associate global brands with higher quality
You may be able to command a premium if you’ve got a global brand
Strategic branding builds credibility
Global branding generates more business

Your brand needs to prove that it meets the needs and expectations of every audience it speaks to. Sometimes these aren’t wildly different from market to market, as humans generally share similar values.

How to adapt your brand and tone of voice for different markets

Volkswagen Group, the German automotive organisation, decided to opt for a strapline that served to advertise its German roots when advertising the brand in Brazil. Given its simplicity, the slogan, “Das Auto” – or “The Car” – should have had no issues with a literal translation.

However, the company already had a significant presence in Brazil. The VW Beetle had been manufactured in Brazil for decades and had somewhat of a loyal following among Brazilians which was reflected in its previous slogan, “você conhece, você confia” (“you know, you trust”).
By focussing on the cars’ German roots, rather than adapting their message for the local market, VW destroyed the emotional connection that it had built up with Brazilians over many years.

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