On-hold messaging how to interact with your callers?

On-hold messaging provides an excellent opportunity for you to market to your customers.
It’s a great way to let callers know all of the details that make your business one-of-a-kind.

Your customer is eagerly awaiting for you to return to their call.
Now that you have their undivided attention what messages do you want to get across to them?

Perhaps you have new products or services they should know about.
Or a dynamic company history that makes you stand out. Maybe you simply want to let your callers know that you care. Whatever you want to say, this is your opportunity!
on-hold messaging

On-hold messaging, here are a few tips to get you started:

Leverage Your Resources

Creating your on-hold script doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. Your website, brochures, and existing marketing materials are great resources. Your scriptwriter can often pull information and wording directly from the materials you already have or consult them to create something complimentary.

Highlight Your Strengths

What makes your company unique and sets your business apart from your competitors?  Those are the things you want to focus on in your on-hold message. Have you received any awards or recognition? Perhaps you’re affiliated with a prestigious association. Your customers want to be sure they’ve made the right decision in choosing to work with you…show them that they have!

Choose Your Tone

Think of your on-hold messages as a ‘virtual receptionist.’ If a customer walked through your doors how would they be greeted? A client approaching the front desk at an upscale law firm would receive a very different welcome than a patron stepping up to the host stand at the local bar and grill.
Your on-hold music and voice selections should reflect the nature of your business and your message, whatever that may be.

Beware of Information Overload

Trying cram too much content into one message or overwhelming your callers with technical jargon are classic mistakes. A successful on-hold message offers callers concise information while maintaining a memorable, catchy appeal. When you achieve that balance your callers will retain the information better and ask you to fill in the details when you return to their call.

Call to Action

On-hold messages is a great place for your customers to learn about new services, they may get side-tracked when you return to the line. Be sure to include your website several times throughout the message or promote your ongoing events. So, prompting them to ask for more details or visit your website is vital. Encourage them to ask questions and learn more, and there is a good chance they’ll do just that!

Cover All Your Bases

Many businesses find that a significant percentage of callers are simply asking for basic company information: hours of operation, fax number, address, nearby landmarks and website url.
You can save your employees and your callers time by including that information in the on-hold message.
Be sure to provide your scriptwriter with all of the basic information, so they can work it into the script.
Follow these tips and you’ll find it’s easy to turn your callers into customers in no time.

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