How to create professional captions

Caption is the text version of a video’s audio content with additional timing information which allows them to appear on screen in time with the video.

.SRT files are the most common caption file used by online video players such as YouTube and Vimeo.

They are considered the most basic of all caption file formats.

They are essentially a text file with very specific formatting, allowing them to be opened and edited by most programs.

Because of their basic structure, SRT files do not support any colouring or positioning – meaning captions appear as all white text at the bottom of the screen.



Caption. How to proper format closed-captions.

  • Timingcaptions should be timed to appear and disappear exactly when the words are spoken.
  • Translate meaning not wordssometimes it’s hard to get the meaning across when translating something from a different language. As noted in the fansubbing guide is that you don’t need to directly translate the words, just make sure to get the point across to the audience.
  • Maintain the speaker’s style of speechtaking into account register, nationality, era, etc. This will affect your choice of vocabulary.
    e.g.register: mother vs mum; deceased vs dead; intercourse vs sex;
    nationality: mom vs mum; trousers vs pants;
    era: wireless vs radio; hackney cab vs taxi.
  • Inaudible speechspeech can be inaudible for different reasons, put up a label explaining the cause.
  • Sound effectsshow sound effect captions in lowercase italics enclosed in parentheses. It’s important to to put sound effects in between parentheses, whether its background noise or the source of the sound.e.g.(dog barking) (child screaming) (whispering) (giggling)
  • Don’t edit out wordslike “but” “so” or “too”. They may be short but they are often essential for expressing meaning.
  • Direct quotesdirect quotes by public figures should be captioned verbatim whenever possible. Since what they’re saying is pivotal, try to get everything they’re saying, if unsure, have someone check over your work.

Hope these tips help as you’re creating captions and subtitles.

If you have additional ideas, thoughts, or tips, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

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