Voice over. Building your brand overseas.

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Voice over translation

Voice over talents will enable you to influence, entertain, educate and build your brand overseas.

People, information, and organizations exist in a context. How well your audience knows you, how they feel about you and your organization, how well the economy is doing, even what’s been in the news recently: all influence audience response to your message.

It’s not easy to create relevant and timely global advertising campaigns, positioning, and stories that reinforce the brand, appeal to consumers around the world, and can be creatively delivered through all touch points.

Voice over talents make your video accessible in foreign markets

A great voice over can capture, hold your potential customer’s attention, and also have them tune into your product or service.

Global brand advertising can rarely reflect the the way people see the world, but the alternative — locally designed advertising — often sacrifices a consistent global message and misses out on economies of scale.

In deciding where to bring their business, companies must define their priorities by weighing multiple operating and human costs, adapting its product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market. National governments face a similar cost-benefit analysis in setting corporate tax rates and policy. The countries considered the most business friendly are those that perceived to best balance stability and expense.

Forbes listed best and worst countries to do business so If you decided to go global It’s important to select the right languages, a proper localisation strategy begins with defining target audience for your business.

The process of taking your brand to a wider audience is challenging but rewarding.

Multilingual audio-visual localisation services include:

• Translation

* Voice-over

* Dubbing

• eLearning software and applications

• Computer games

• Multimedia courses

• Corporate training videos

• Medical and technical translation

• Multimedia CD Rom and DVD presentations

• Multimedia marketing materials

• Demonstration and instruction materials

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