In Italy the use of dubbing is systematic, with a long tradition going back to the 1930s in Rome, Milan and Turin. In Mussolini’s fascist Italy, foreign languages were banned.

Rome is the principal base of the dubbing industry, where major productions such as movies, drama, documentaries and some cartoons are dubbed. However, in Milan it is mostly cartoons and some minor productions which are dubbed.

Practically every American film, of every genre, whether for kids or adults, as well as TV shows, are dubbed into Italian. In big cities original version movies can also be seen.

Subtitles are usually available on late night programmes on mainstream TV channels, and on pay-TV all movies are available in English with Italian subtitles, and many shows feature the original English soundtrack.

But for fans of dubbing, there are some little-known sites on the Internet that offer the free streaming of movies with their Italian soundtrack.