Transcreation in Marketing and Advertising

Transcreation involves a total overhaul and re-working of content. Transcreation, as the name suggests, employs creativity in the translation process. The intent is kept – wherever possible – but the content is recreated, adapted, reworked to be as genuine and culturally relevant as possible in the target language. Because resonating with the target audience is…

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Tv commercial how to make it? 8 easy steps to success.

TV Commercial Production Tips: 8 easy steps to create great TV Ads TV commercial is an advertising vehicle for “the other guy.” The corporate giant. Do you agree with that statement ? The big business with lots of disposable cash. In fact, TV is a very affordable medium that can increase your company’s profits greatly….


Looking for brazilian portuguese voice over talent

Brazilian voice over, are you hiring the right accent for your brand ? Brazilian Portuguese voice over talent to record audio narration for your videos, ads, podcasts, e-learning, audio books, website tours. Are you looking for a native Portuguese language speaker ? How different are Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese ? European Portuguese differs from…

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