Dubbing or subtitled film versions ?

In Brazil, foreign programs are invariably dubbed into Brazilian Portuguese on broadcast TV, with only a few exceptions. Films shown at cinemas are generally offered with both subtitled and dubbed versions, although subtitling is preferential for adult movies and dubbing is preferential for children movies.
Pay TV commonly offers both dubbed and subtitled movies, but subtitling is predominant.
When released on DVD, all movies usually feature both dubbing and subtitling.

Also, Video games are being dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese as well, rather than just having European Portuguese dubs alone for the gaming industry. Games such as Halo 3, God of War: Ascension, inFamous 2, Assassin’s Creed III, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and others are dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese.

Brazilian voice artists and dubbing

Voice also plays a very important role in both entertainment and education and voice artists will capture the essence of your characters and give them life through the screen. A single voice artist can use different registers to adapt to the style your brand needs.
Be it television or radio, knowing your audience is the key as there are the ones consuming the ads. With or without a visual medium, everything depend on the tone of voice, its pace and emotion.

Subtitles foreign language

Not only would the use of subtitles result in a wider audience for the movie or show itself, but it could also get your company additional recognition among residents of English-speaking countries outside the US.

Once they find they enjoy the program, they might also buy related merchandise or even look for similar productions (with subtitles) that they can appreciate, which in turn increases viewership and/or sales.

Introducing mistakes into your film or show through English subtitles won’t do your program any favors. Even a few typos can reduce your credibility in the eyes of many viewers. This is why it is crucial that you focus on hiring an agency that can expertly add subtitles to your program.

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